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June 27, 2003

Don't Call Me!

The National Do Not Call Registry goes live today! This is great news, as we live in a state which doesn't have a don't-call registry (check yours) and our home phone gets as many as twenty commercial calls a day.

One disappointment: long distance, banking, and insurance companies (and airlines!?), charities, and political organizations are still allowed to call, as are companies you already do business with. Too bad.

Addendum: Plus ... telephone surveyors? I first interpreted this to mean linesmen checking on connection status. But no, I'm afraid it's good old fashioned Market Research. Yuck.

June 23, 2003

License to Grill

It's been raining (or looking like it's going to) for close to a month now, I believe, but nonetheless I went out and bought us a gas grill, which we've been using during scattered showless moments. I'm new to grilling, but I've had good luck so far with various meats, corn, tomotoes, and various kebabed veggies. It's a fun way to cook, and I feel very domestic.

By the way, sorry to be so quiet lately! Work has been busier than usual, but still ...

June 06, 2003

So Many Well-deserved Webbies!

Goodness--now that I've scrolled down I see that many of my favorites have won! Way to go, Cockeyed, Rathergood, NASA and the NASA Earth Observatory, Google and Google News, and Planned Parenthood, not to mention good old Amazon and eBay! I'm finding lots of new sites to check out as well, so hie the to the list of winners and start surfing!

A Webby for MovableType!

MovableType won a Webby! Congratulations, Ben and Mena, and thank you for making this excellent product available. Along with Blogger, GreyMatter, and others, you've done a huge service to the web community and made it possible for a lot more people to make their voices heard. Very, very well deserved.

Via Metafilter