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September 09, 2003

Simon and Garfunkel to begin "Old Friends" Tour!

Simon and Garfunkel are performing and speaking live on WFUV right now and they've just announced a reunion tour! The tour starts Oct. 18 and finishes in December. Tickets go on sale next week.

Update: Check the official website for details (there's nothing there as of this writing, but it's supposed to be up later today).

This will obviously be all over the news, but you just might have heard it here first. Thanks to Leslie for tipping me off!

September 08, 2003

Goodbye, Warren Zevon

Warren Zevon died yesterday at his home after winning his race against cancer and releasing one last album. The New York times has his obituary, which ends with an observation from Zevon: "This was a nice deal: life."

September 04, 2003

Another Way To Get Out of Debt?

Mark McGowan, of Peckham, South London, is hoping that British Prime Minister Tony Blair will wipe out his £15,000 debt if McGowan pushes a nut seven miles using only his nose.

Via Backwash.