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June 11, 2006

Junior Daredevil

During our recent trip to California we visited a place called Fairyland, in Oakland. Our son rode on a merry-go-round there on which parents were not allowed. He confidently insisted that he wanted to do this, but he looked a little uncertain before the ride, then rather dismayed after it started, but he's been happily describing the experience since the moment I lifted him off of his horse.

This morning we're getting ready to visit a local park where he might ride another carousel. "Do you want to ride on the merry-go-round?," I asked.


But he was in a "yes" mood, so I tested. "Do you want to jump out of an airplane?"

He ignored me and worked on his breakfast. Then his mother said "do you want to take a boat to Alaska?"


"Do you want to paddle around?"


I tried again. "Do you want to ride a motorcycle through a ring of fire?"

"Yes!" He started to climb out of his high chair, while I Johnny Cashed the chorus from "Ring of Fire."

Then our little boy ran into the living room and came back on his tricycle, happily repeating "Bike on fire! Bike on fire! Bike on fire!" I already rue the day.