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Albert Einstein in US District Court in San Francisco

Computer game publisher Electronic Arts would dearly like to use Einstein in a new title. Trouble is, Einstein's image is controlled by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. EA doesn't want to pay; Einstein is a public figure, a historical figure. The University doesn't want to see Einstein in this particular game.

NY Times article (free registration required)


I don't see how anyone can prevent Einstein's image from being used. On the other hand, I suppose they could drum up unpleasant publicity.

I think it was the prospect of having him pictured next to Hitler, whatever the in-game reason.

Lord God, EA is going to spend 800 million dollars this year developing games. They can't pay for the rights to use Einstein's image? What bastards.

For what it's worth, this was 2002 news, and EA wasn't [quite] as monolithic. But still, you've got a point.

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