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NASA Undertaking Antigravity Research

NASA will begin testing an alleged antigravity device. Why? "If it works, what a hoot!," says the manufacturer. Will fringe science earn its first Nobel Prize? Well, it'd be neat to see ...

LA Times story here.

Found via Wired News


"Podkletnov's paper was hazy on the details. He worried that his ideas would be taken by others, that he would not be given proper credit, and he refused to allow anyone into his lab to see his apparatus."
Uh-huh. And I have the specs for a perpetual-motion device, but this comment box is too small to contain it. Maybe NASA will fund me too.

Stop and think what antigravity will do to the world. It will be bigger then the discovery of electricity. When scientific progress gets mixed in with greedy coorporate pigs and ignorent politicians, it usually dosn't end well. And then to make things worse, the whole UFO conspiricy thing is way involved, and those men in black at area 51 are doing everything in their power to keep the public from becoming aware of the technology they have hidden for some reason or another. Of course Podkletnov is sketchy on details, someone probably forced him to resign his position and disapear to who knows where. That somebody dosn't want this technology to spread around the world. Why it is so secritive is the real mystery. Antigravity is possible, and it is not to be feared. "Don't fear the unknown, embrace it." If antigravity is used right, it will change the world forever. There is no growth without change.

credo che non arriverete mai a costruire un motore gravitazionale utilizzando elettroni con potenziale. il motivo e' che il potenziale viene convertito in campo magnetico che interagisce con la materia intorno. con la carica senza potenziale invece un eventuale aumento di temperatura potrebbe produrre campi magnetici molto intensi, e senza temperatura e con polarizzazione si otterrebbe il campo gravitazionale puro.
un disegno di tale apparecchiatura ve lo posso inviare ma non so come fare. saluti.

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