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Genocide or Practice? Iraq's Chemical Attacks on the Kurds

New Yorker article on the horrific chemical attacks on Iraqi Kurds carried out by Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. This is alarming and disturbing stuff. The Iraqis have clearly experimented with their chemical (and possibly biological) weapons on the Kurds. In part Iraq may be working on exterminating the Kurds. But they are also honing their weaponry for wars with other nations.

Leslie showed me this article in the print edition. It has been widely linked online.


"Other nations" basically meaning Israel. One of the points made by the article is that Saddam wants to go down in history as the man who finally drove the "new Crusaders" out of Palestine, and he's using the Kurds for practice. You notice nobody in the government is making the obvious point that we had the chance to get rid of Saddam in '91 and blew it. Who was president then? Oh, right, never mind.

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