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Robot Journalist - Assignment: Afghanistan?

OK. I missed this when it came out a few weeks ago, but I couldn't keep it to myself:


A team of MIT computer engineers has created a robotic journalist, designed for use in hazardous areas such as the war-torn Middle East. Now, as the "Afghan eXplorer", they want to send it to Afhanistan, saying "nothing is too dangerous for a robot."

Wired News article


Robot Journalist: Good - afternoon - sir -may - I - have - an - interview.
Afghan: Che khabar ast??
RJ: What - is - your - opinion - of - the - Karzai - government.
Afghan: Allahu akbar! [Points Kalashnikov and pulls trigger until RJ is a smoking pile of scrap metal.]
RJ [softly]: Please - Dave - don't - do - that... Daisy - Daisy - give - me - your - answer - do...

Another victory for Western technology!

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