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Bottled Water - It's All We've Got

The Chowhound.com Manhattan message board is abuzz over a report that some New York City restaurants are scamming their patrons by pushing bottled water on them during the water shortage.

Via Boing Boing


Is it just me, or does it seem odd that all those people expressed outrage and no one called the restaurant to find out if the story was true? The sponsored link didn't say they weren't serving tap water, just that they were charging half price for bottled water, which is a nice thing to do; I strongly suspect the no-tap-water addition is urban myth.
Not that I care enough to call myself, mind you, but I would if I were thinking of blasting them.

Well, I hope it's wrong. If so, I apologize for adding my share of fuel to the fire. We'll see what happens.

No apologies necessary -- you did your job, which was linking to a fascinating discussion. But I checked again today, and still no actual research at chowhound -- even from "ReporterGal"! We'll see how long it takes before someone realizes there might be a way to find out the facts...

:) I've been watching it too ...

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