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[Gullible People] Limit Civil Liberties In Massachusetts

Representatives of Ballot Access Company showed Massachusetts residents a petition to ban the slaughtering of horses for food, and got them to sign it. But what they were really signing was a seperate petition, one for a state ban on gay marriage.

Ballot Access Company was getting paid more for each signature on the latter petition so, hey, why not bait and switch? As a result, the Massachusetts ballot will probably include the gay marriage ban, but not the the horse-meat ban.

NY Times article (free registration required)

I amended this post (on April 8) to soften my words after some reflection and discussion. It is not clear how much chance people had to notice what they were really signing - the tricks played by the signature collectors may have involved hiding or even removing the details of the gay marriage ban petition. In that case I have a greater sympathy for those who signed something they didn't mean to. But this should certainly serve as a warning to be very, very careful what we put our names on.

Hmmm ... my name's not on this ... yet ...


In my original post I called the gullible signers "morons". Now you can make me look like a moron, thanks to the Dialectizer. Never let it be said that I don't take my lumps :)

Looks like the Dialectizer has Netscape 4.x issues. Sorry about that!

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