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Care to Test Your Grammar?

I was going to say that this quiz is pretty basic, but I only got seven out of nine correct ;). Give it a try, and post your score in the comments! No pressure, Steve!

Via BlahStuff


8 out of 9 for me (and I disagree with the "correct" answer. So there).

Read it and weep:
"Nice work!
Do you diagram sentences in your spare time? You got 9/9 correct."
That's why they pay me the big bucks.
(Incidentally, I'll bet it's #6 that trips up most people...)

It was gracious of you both not to point out that I misspelled "grammar" :)

And no, Steve, it wasn't number 6 that got me. It was number 4, my personal nemesis. And number 7, which blindsided me. Which one did you miss, Bonnie?

Actually, I assumed it was a deliberate misspelling, a joke on the nature of the test, and I thought it rather clever.

Aw, shucks.

I can't tell you my score. I'm ashamed. (It's more than 5 correct, but less than nine.) But the quiz was fun and a nice break from work while at lunch!

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