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April 22 is Free Cone Day!

April 22 is Free Cone Day!

April 22 is Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's, so find your nearest scoop shop and be prepared!

Thanks, Kenny!


As a public service for anyone else in Midtown East, the nearest Scoop Shops are:

Grand Central Terminal
New York, NY 10017

Ben & Jerry's - BRYANT PARK
42nd & 6th Avenue
New York, NY 10036

Scoop Shop update: I decided to do some reportorial legwork on my lunch break, and a good thing too, because when I got to the west end of Bryant Park I discovered that the B&J kiosk is *closed for the season*. Now, it may be that they'll open in the next six days, but I'm not counting on it. Furthermore, I could not find the Oren's in Grand Central, but the quest (plus the 90-degree heat outside) was giving me a powerful yen for a cooling dessert, so I stopped at Custard Beach and got a small lemon sorbet. Cost to date of quest for free ice cream: $2.75 (including tax & tip). Sigh.

In midtown Manhattan also try:

Ben & Jerry's - THIRD AVE. (near 9th/10th)
41 Third Avenue

Ben & Jerry's - TIMES SQUARE (near 43rd)
680 8th Avenue

Ben & Jerry's - ROCKEFELLER CENTER (near 49th)
Rockefeller Plaza - Concourse Level

Grand Central Terminal

I'm sorry, but there's *no way* 9th/10th St. can be considered midtown!

Uhhh -- did I say "midtown?"

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