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Thor Heyerdahl has Died

Thor Heyerdahl died this evening in Norway at age 87. He had been suffering from a terminal brain tumor.

Thor HeyerdahlKon-TikiRaEaster IslandThor Heyerdahl

Heyerdahl was known for his Kon-Tiki, Ra, Ra II, and Tigris sea journeys (despite a fear of water), and for his expeditions to the Galapagos, Easter Island. He became an oustpoken environmentalist who said "atmosphere and oceans know no boundaries. I know. I've floated around every one of them."

Doug Mellgren wrote a nice obituary for the Associated Press. The Kon-Tiki Museum has a page on the expeditions.

Images borrowed from The Kon-Tiki Museum, THOR HEYERDAHL EXPEDITIONS and ARCHAEOLOGY OF THE PACIFIC PEOPLES, and Real-Man Thor Heyerdahl: Mr. Blue Sky.


Great visuals. If I knew how to say "kudos" in Norwegian I would. Songdog -- The Value-Added Blog!

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