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Aortal: Mighty Girl

It's Tuesday, and time for another Aortal link!

I needed a laugh today, and I found one at Mighty Girl. Then I found another. And another! Mighty Girl is the creation of Maggie Berry, and she's stocked it full of her witty observations of the world around us. Her favorite posts are a good place to start, but you really can't go wrong. I found Mighty Girl through kotke.org

Last week's Aortal link was not martha. Please take a look if you haven't yet!


Haven't gotten to the laughs yet -- I was struck right off by the first thing on her page:
"I've always been amazed that in the first moments of getting to know someone you see very clearly who they are, and then spend the rest of your relationship learning all over again what you knew in those first moments."
That strikes me as being true (and I can think of cases where I should have listened to what I knew in those first moments and run like hell), simple, and yet not a cliche. Impressive. Thanks for the link.

I checked that item out at Mighty Girl and noticed that it came from Caterina.net. Another promising site to visit!

OK, now I'm laughing. I particularly enjoyed the Ladies' Night conversation. I like being able to eavesdrop, as it were, when women discuss men, although it makes me nervous as hell...

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