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Vanilla Coke Reviewed

Bottled Vanilla Coke has been sold since May 15, but it took me until this past Sunday to find a bottle for sale. I finally tried it, and it's pretty good, not as good as a soda fountain vanilla coke, but a much better variation than the bottled lemon Diet Cokes that they're selling (which taste artificial). The vanilla flavor is milder than I expected. It makes the drink even sweeter, but not too sweet (YMMV). Diet Vanilla Coke is not available yet (I checked) :(


Vanilla Coke? And Lemon Coke? Wow. I didn't think that they got any fancier than cherry Coke.

Hi, Becky! Real soda fountains sometimes have a variety of flavored Cokes - I've seen cherry, vanilla, lemon, and chocolate (I hope CocaCola doesn't start bottling that last one). All of them are traditionally made by adding flavored syrup to regular Coke. Also, I've noticed that a lot of restaurants put a wedge of lemon on the rims of glasses of diet cola (perhaps to help them keep things straight?). A little lemon in there tastes good, but my one soda fountain lemon Coke experience was really bad, with waaaay too much lemon syrup.

As a fan of bottled Cherry Coke I've tried the other new ones. Diet Lemon Coke, as I mentioned in my post, is nasty stuff, not because it's lemon flavored, but because it's too artificial tasting (and I'm one of those weirdos who likes Diet Coke). But the Vanilla stuff works for me :)

Hey. I just had a diet Vanilla Coke today. It's actually better than Vanilla Coke, you cant taste the diet aftertaste most other drinks have.

Carl - Where did you find it? What part of the world/country?

Songdog, Don't know what area you are in, but NYC is full of Diet V.C. I have five 12 can packs sitting in my kitchen... LOL... I'm sure if you write or call Coca Cola, they will tell you where to find them, or possibly even have them sent to you... Or, ask your local grocery store to start carrying it... Worth the try... Happy Holidays...

I've finally encountered it in NYC too since my last comment here, and it's pretty good stuff. Thanks for the followup!

(BTW, I took out the double-posted comments - something must have gone wrong there)

the vanilla coke sucks! if i were the manager at the coca cola company i would stop selling it because nobody likes it! it tastes like shit!!!! S-H-I-T

Come on Robert, tell us what you really think. Personally, I rather like it, and I'm glad there's finally a diet version out there.

I've never had Vanilla Coke!

VC is teh r0x0rz dudz0rz!11
VC > j00

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*runs away to find VC merchandise*


I not only like Vanillia Coke, I want to know where I can get A single flavor fountain dispenser.

It tastes like crap

I've still never had Vanilla Coke!

And now there's Diet Coke with Lime to try (which I have -- it's a lot more natural tasting than Diet Coke with Lemon, but real fruit is still better).

I like Vanilla Coke itīs one of the best products from coca cola company I hope the kepp selling it.. /dnox1978 Sweeden rocks!

Vanilla Coke is a letdown. (And I *love* vanilla, although not as much as Kitty Dukakis.) And those other frou-frou flavors -- what, lemon? cherry? -- are letdowns too. Someone should take all those bazillions of gallons of bellywash and obliterate them.

I love Vanilla Coke. Even my favourite alcoholic drink is Vanilla Coke and Spiced Gold.

Wish they sold Diet Vanilla Coke in my country - SOuth Africa.

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