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Unusual Happenings

This past weekend was very pleasant and relaxing, but three rather unusual things happened which I thought I'd share with you:

  1. My haircut came with a surprise performance of Sweeney Todd -- lucky me! The nice barber who cut my hair did the straight-razor cleanup thing on the back of my neck and got just a little too close. The worst of it was a 2+ inch gash below and behind my right ear, but it had eight (count 'em, eight) parallel scratches lined up next to it.
  2. Then I went out to dinner (with dried lanes of blood on my freshly-raked neck) and got carded for the first time in longer than I can remember. Maybe they thought I'd just started shaving.
  3. Finally, I downloaded the electronic statement for my debit card and found therein a mysterious two-week-old charge. I didn't recognize the amount or the payee, so I contacted my bank and got a phone number for the payee. This number consistently connects to an all-too-familiar three note melody followed by a not at all familiar message telling me, in two languages, that the caller's [cellular?] phone is not available. I've reported the charge to the bank and we'll see what happens. They told me it will takes 45 days to resolve ...


I trust Sweeney didn't charge you for the haircut!

She most certainly did! Actually, the haircut itself was very good, and I didn't mind paying. I could have done without the scarification, but that, at least, was gratis.

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