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I just noticed randomwebsite.com in my referrer log. Try it! It's fun!


Ten tries and nothing prurient, but I did get one annoying animation. YMMV.

Fun! They must filter out pr0n -- I clicked at least a dozen times without getting a single dirty one. But I got everything from a young woman's private site (she loves her friends and family) to Show Biz Ireland to Planet Will (Will Farrell of SNL's website) to something that required too much Flash to even come up on my screen.

The colophon does say that there should be no adult stuff in there, and they have a link to report offending materials. I wonder how songdog.net got in there, though. Did a spider grab it from another site? Did somebody submit it? I think it's pretty cool, and if anyone wants to take credit for the submission, please do so!


yes we filter out pr0n. we also filter out a few other things: hate sites, pyramid schemes, sites with viruses (yes, we've had someone submit one)...

basically it's a fun project and we want to keep it that way.

we don't use spiders but we have a lot of people that "donate" their entire bookmark list.

songdog.net was added anonymously.

thanks for the mention. tell your friends. add links. enjoy.

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