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Terrifica vs. Fantastico

I've been meaning to reblog this for days (from Boing Boing):

Here in New York City we've got a caped crusader whose sworn duty is to protect women from making bad decisions in bars. But not all decisions are made upon sober reflection in the Big Apple, as we've also got us a super villain ...


I'm a freelance tv producer in NY and i got a call from the Rob Nelson show in L.A. They saw something on you with ABC and want to fly you out to LA and pay you 500 bucks to be on their show.
Can you please call me ASAP even if you don't want to do it
Brent 917.531.5482


I work for The Rob Nelson Show in Los Angeles. It is true; I am on the quest for your whereabouts. I am convinced that our world needs more superheros like yourself. I want to get your mission out there. PLEASE CALL ME!!!! 323-491-1948 or 323-806-8023

OK, folks - let me make one thing clear: I'm not Terrifica. I find her interesting, but so far as I know I have never even seen her in person. If you really want to talk with her why don't you try the ABC News writer whose story I linked to in the first place. He, apparently, knows how to reach her and could perhaps pass your message along.

Terrifica, if you're reading this, I hope that you are at least finding it amusing. Carry on.

I appreciate the interest, but since the ABC article came out (but not because of it), I've decided to hang up my cape. No regrets, no hard feelings. I just can't continue because people at work are close to unmasking me and I could deal with that except that I couldn't bear for one co-worker in particular to laugh at me. Thanks for caring. I still love Metropolis and will fight predators.

Terrifica - thank you for reading. You are welcome here, with or without your cape :). That said, I completely understand your decision, and wish you the best.

Terrifica, on the off chance you read this, I think you're great too. Don't let the bastards get you down.

Terrifica... don't let Fantasico win! The story is classic! Besides, we don't need any more non-working velvet-clad super-villians in the world seducing our women. Come on... Lois Lane found out about Clark Kent; Mary Jane found out about Peter Parker... what's to be gained by letting the forces of seduction win at last?

A buck sez that Terrifica and Fantastico are live-in lovers shacking up somewhere in the Village, and decided to create their alter-egos as a way of jazzing up their love life.

I can't believe that someone would go about stopping women from doing what they want. Sure there are creeps who prey on women, but i have also seen slutty women preying on a bevy of men. My words of advice to Terrifica, get a life, get laid, stop being a prudish blocker.

dearest terrifica,

I read the article on you and needless to say your experiences must be more interesting that most of the novels Iíve read. I'm a young writer and would like to help you write your autobiography or just allow me to use your character to write original stories. The possibilities are unless. Please e-mail me if youíre interested. I will do most of the work all you have to do is be yourself

I'm the "leader" of a superhero group in Florida. Some of us simply enjoy the genre and comradery and attend our more entertainment-oriented functions, like fun-nights, movies, conventioning and what-not. Others are the real-deal like you. We consider you to be an inspiration for us, and we feel a common bond with you. I would love to make contact with you. I've been watching your situation for a while, and I understand your need for secrecy ...no media will be involved. Just us. I would at least enjoy getting an active email account address so that I could email our monthly newsletters and alerts to you. Hang in there ...don't lose heart. You'll never be happy if you're not fulfilling your destiny.

I think yu are so cool. You have really inspired me. I didn't think there was even 1 real super hero ot there

Hi Terrifica, if you're out there! I read your story and have included you in a strip I write and draw called "the human news". The episode is about real life superheroes and I had to include you. I'm working on the pencil art and will post a web site address soon with the finished piece.

Is this true that you're hanging up the cape?

Wallace Ryan
the Human News


As happens so often in life, the answer lies not in despair, but in Zorro: the Gay Blade.

People are close to finding out who you are? Fine. Let someone else be Terrifica for a while. A secret identity's one of the few secrets that's safer if a few people share it ;-)

Best of luck.

Terrifica -

i just read the ABC News Artcle. you are so inspiring, and I just hope you see this. Thank you for doing what you did.


Being somewhat of a hero myself (but in a different way), I have to say that this Terrifica doesn't sound all that bad. I mean, you can't judge...or sue someone for helping society and living out their life long dreams. As a kid, I always fantasized about patrolling the streets and stopping evil. Of course...I don't dress in a costume and march around the city at late nights in bars looking for "poor helpless woman." Being a woman myself, I stand up strongly for woman's rights and find them quite capable of helping themselves. In fact: I found that most women are UN interested in fashion...or shopping...and prefer to be well...i don't know...THEMSELVES. I am a tom boy myself, and have no need for such things, being an intelligent person, and somewhat philosophical. (Though, I can't type worth beans as you can probably tell by this post.) Anyway...I am getting way ahead of myself. The way I help society is with a little thing I invented called "the journey of a thousand deeds." Ever since I was in seventh grade, I have made it my duty to help people in any way I could until I reached my one thousandth deed, at which point I could hand the title down to someone else who was willing to take on the task to better society. On my mission, I help people in any way you can think. If someone is having a bad day, I will offer to do something for them to make them feel better; even if I have never met them before. For example: One time a noticed that a lady didn't have enough money to by food at a store, so I slipped her an extra ten bucks. She offered to pay me back, but I refused. It's all the in line of duty for me. Another time, a boy was being physically attacked. I pretended I was a teacher, and lead him away from the situation. (But not before sending the boys who were picking on him to the office.) *laughs* My point is quite simply, that you do not need a costume to save the world. You do it one person at a time, one kind deed at a time. I present the challenge of taking on the journey of a thousand deeds. Who knows...maybe someday you can save someone's life too.

I admire everything you are doing. I am a young heron in training and hope to be able to help people in my own way someday too. You are an ispiration for a burgeoning age of young heros to come

I hope you still read this site. I can't believe you did something so amazing! It makes me really happy. I feel sad I only found out now that you are done, but you are my hero. You did the kind of thing I only wish I had the courage to do, and probably changed many people's lives. I wish I could meet you someday.

OH come on people, "Terrifica..." my god how lame is someone who is so lonely they can't stand to see anyone else get any. Someone needs to find another security blanket. I dig the super hero thing but go out and stop actual crimes.

By the way just to clarify in case anyone reads this, women being taken advantage of is not funny or cool. But this is just silly.

Hey everyone,

I too am a real life Superhero, who often operates in New Jersey & New York City, I've met up & patrolled with other Superheroes like Dark Guardian, Squeegeeman, Cloud Starchaser, & Captain Obvious. I haven't seen Terrifica yet, but I have seen a few women in the city whom I have suspected of being her working undercover. I have already been in 2 magazines. First one was TimeOut New York(from the 'Sept 28th to Oct 2nd, 2006' one) and the next one was Wired Magazine, which you will see me in, in December, 2006.

Fear NOTHING, 'cause Tothian's got your back!!!

The streets reak with absolute vermin prostituting themselves in more than the typical way.

Accumulated filth that resides in every city is inevitable.

It's too bad, I'm in a small city myself.
Considering my true abilties are interesting.

I woke up one day after an accident I was drunk and apparently I hit was in a car crash. The doctors said I broke my neck, right arm, and both legs. My abdomen was shattered. But I flipped off my bed looking better than I have ever my entire life.

I noticed the limiters on my muscles seemed to exceed any human limit possible. I felt as if complete anger strained my tendons, but adreniline mixed onto it to make me feel extravaganze.

I left the hostiple through the 3 story window, and I lived. I have no clue why I jumped out of the window because they wanted me to stay.
I landed on the side walk with both feet, I didn't feel much of the pain, the landing was swift and gentle like a feather.

Ever since that day, the moment I said to the doctors that I was fine, I was still myself. Still "sane" to this sheep-infested world.
The second I landed on the floor I was my new identity.

I wear spandex pants under my oversized jeans, with MMA tape spiralling up my arms, which come off in a single flex of muscle.
I have a spandex mask with shades over it. and a hat, over my leather trench jacket.
I vision and sense have gained such focus and I can look at something at distance and radially zoom and hear.

I broke into the doctors office that night with ease through the window that was broken that wasn't fixed.
The files said I was doing some things I will not mention when I was drunk which caused my body to become like this.

The only weapon I carry is a back of needles, rubber bands, matches, rope, and pins. They open locks and such if needed. Other than that physically I can flip cars with one hand, jump two times my height, and I hear and smell danger before they approach me.

I've sensed bullets towards my way and dodged with with ease.

I welcome you to my life.
The secret.

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