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I Have Not Abandoned You

I've been sick. I developed a stomach bug of alarming intensity, which struck just in time to prevent me from eating Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. How intense, you ask? Intense enough to do this (yuck). After eight very unpleasant hours I was left weakened, sore, feverish, and intermittently queasy, and I've been like that for several days now.

I had plans here, you know. I was going to post a Thanksgiving greeting. I was going to do a Link and Think post for World AIDS day yesterday. But I just wasn't up to it. I'm feeling better than I did, so I'll have a little more for you soon.


That photo was taken two and a half days after I discovered the situation. It was worse before. :^b

Perastiká, as the Greeks say -- may it pass quickly!

The evil eye photo makes a great desktop image. I can't decide which desktop setting I like the best: center, stretch or tile. Each has its own charm.

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