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Eclipse Day

Reuters photo

The New York Times has a nice article on today's southern hemisphere total eclipse. I wish I'd gotten to see this one. Maybe plep got a look while he was in the neighborhood; if so, I hope he'll fill us in!

Thanks for the article, Leslie!


That's a great image -- thanks for reproducing it here!

It was worth seeing, and it was interesting to see the hype around it too :). I wasn't in the area of the total eclipse, but a partial eclipse is still worthwhile - it was a clear day in Johannesburg, which made it quite eerie. (The other eclipse I saw from London, on a day with light, scattered cloud, which was also pretty interesting because of the way the cloud diffused the light). The total eclipse was in Limpopo, up on the northeastern border here, and it was cloudy there which meant that they were plunged into complete darkness - no diamond ring, no stars. Which I suppose would be pretty impressive in its own way :).

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