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New Year, New Video Card

OK. I've been quiet lately. I spent most of the last two weeks doing very little computing, which is most unusual for me. I've spent my holiday vacation with family and friends in Massachusetts, and got to enjoy some nice snowy weather. I had a very nice, relaxing time.

When I got back however, I had a problem: after running maybe 18 hours my computer locked up nastily, and when I rebooted I had no video signal. After some investigation I concluded that my video card was kaput. I put in an old one, got online, did some research, went to the store, and bought a replacement card (really nice one, too!).

The thing is, this happened last year, too: I replaced my video card, and ultimately most of the rest of my system after a series of cascading problems. Not wanting to lose the new card (or anything else) I went back out to the store and bought a uninterruptible power supply with voltage regulation. It feels better to have it, but still, keep your fingers crossed for me, ok?

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