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Long Night

So the Metafilter NYC Meetup last night was a lot of fun--check out my photos! I was there until about 12:15 but little did I know the night was still young. After leaving, I...

  • ...couldn't catch a train, so I walked through Times Square to the Port Authority Bus Terminal
  • ...couldn't get a ticket, so I walked all over Port Authority Bus Terminal
  • ...got yelled at by a cop
  • ...couldn't catch a bus, so I walked to the 33rd Street PATH station
  • ...waited for 45 minutes for a PATH train to Hoboken
  • ...listened to a woman telling her friends "whenever I get really drunk, I just start crying," as she sobbed uncontrollably on the platform
  • ...took cash out of an ATM at the Hoboken train station at 2:00 AM, alone
  • ...waited in line for a cab amidst dozens of twenty-something Hoboken barflies
  • ...took a very expensive cab home
  • ...fell into bed around 3:20 AM.

I suspect that my fellow MeFites who were returning to Bridgeport may have gotten home before I did. Hmph.


Oy. You should have just spent the night in the bar. Koko would have kept you company.

Koko went back to Bridgeport - I shared an F train with her and her family as far as 42nd Street. I did contemplate spending the night in Port Authority, but thought better of it.

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