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New York City Observation #2

Tourneau makes watches in the several-thousand-dollar range. They've got what appears to be a showroom space on 58th Street and Madison Avenue. An oversized marquee has about a dozen clocks inset along its length, each showing the current time in an exotic foreign city.

The minute hands are off.

Tourneau is supposed to be a name that inspires trust, but when they tell you that it's 8:10 AM in New York, 1:08 PM in London, and 9:14 PM in Singapore you have to wonder a little bit. You'd think they'd be able to keep their clocks in synch, either by good engineering or by the brute-force expedient of sending someone out to do it once a day. It must make the watch salesmen crazy to walk under that thing every morning.

I just thought of this: maybe they do set it once a day. Ouch.

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