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Coming Events

I'm twenty-nine years old, and in thirty days I'll be thirty! Over the last year I've gone back and forth on whether leaving my twenties behind bothers me, but at the moment I've pretty much decided that it doesn't. A lot of terrific stuff happened in my twenties, but I'll be starting my thirties with some big advantages, such as having college and graduate degrees, not to mention being very happily married!

To celebrate, we're doing something outrageous. We're going back to Hawaii, where we honeymooned several years ago! My wife was born eight days before me and our trip will span both birthdays. We leave three weeks from today! We'll be on the Big Island the whole time this trip, as most of our favorite Hawaiian places were there. I'll be sharing some Hawaiian stuff with you between now and then, and more when we get back.

Incidently, forty days from now this blog will be one year old!


Congratulations Songdog, on all counts.

I join in the general congratulations and wish you the bonnest of voyages!

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