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So Now I'm Safe

I got into an N/R train at Prince Street, and didn't notice the man in camouflage with the alto sax who boarded from the next car. As soon as the doors closed he began to play, loudly:

[several bars of melody]
[riff repeated in many keys]: do-DWAH, do-DWAH, do-DWAH, do-DWAH, do-DWAH, do-DWAH!
[a few melodic notes]
[different riff, over and over]
[a few more melodic notes]
[arpeggio, arpeggio, arpeggio, arpeggio]
He sounded all right, if occasionally a bit annoying, except when he reached for a lower register where his notes were either lost or turned into an abrasive BLAT!

Two stops up the line he stopped playing and said: "Thank you all very much. If you can make any donation to support live music, it would be appreciated. God bless you all, and keep you safe from terrorist attacks". Then he walked to the other end of the car making his collection. When he got there, he took us all into the Twilight Zone ("doo-dee-doo-BLAT, doo-dee-doo-GRONK, doo-dee-doo-URNK, etc.") and said "Now you're all stuck in the Twilight Zone until the next time you hear me play. While you're in the Twilight Zone, no terrorists can get you."

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