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The Southern Cross

The famous contellation Crux, The Southern Cross, is far enough south in the celestial hemisphere that it is simply not visible from my part of the world. The only places in the United States where it can be seen are the very southern tips of Florida or Texas and the islands of Hawaii. I've done some research, and during our trip the Southern Cross will be at its highest (6°?) above the horizon at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. I'll definitely be getting up one night to have a look, as this bright grouping of stars is a rare treat for us northerners.

I found a nice detail picture of the Southern Cross from Southern Skies Graphics, and courtesy of APOD here's a stunning photo from Mauna Kea showing the Cross over nearby Mauna Loa, taken by Barney Magrath.


Hi Songdog,

This is just fantastic to know. Here I am in
Hawaii not even knowing this. Thank you so very
much. I'm greatful....

Mahalo Nui Loa

Hi Songdog,

You're welcome, Kahekili. Thank you for your kind post. I did manage to spot the Southern Cross over the seawall in Kailua-Kona right around midnight, March 9/10, 2003. Good luck observing it yourself! Where are you in Hawaii?

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