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Flash Flash Revolution

OK. I'm not playing it right now. But I've been playing Flash Flash Revolution almost daily for a month or so now, and I just can't stop. The game is a Flash version of the popular arcade game Dance Dance Revolution in which players do dance steps on floorpads according to choreographed patterns demanded by the game and are scored based on rhythmic and stepping accuracy. In FFR you use your keyboard instead of your feet, so the coordination is different (fortunately for me), but some of what you do with your eyes and brain is the same, and it's a lot of fun. You have to register (free) to play, but it's definitely worth it.


I only started to play FFR like a day ago and already im hooked. Of course DDR will always be better but this game is not bad for a comp. game.


dude, i love this game...
but for some reason the site isn't up right now
anybody know whats goin' on?

theyre redoing some servers i guess. how do you guys like the new format??? i think its less convinient but i like all the new crap except for credits becuase im not that good so i have

shizznits i haven't started on FFr yet but im a total crazie person on DDR
i tired goin to www.flashflashrevolution.com but it an't workin

ddr rocks

if you get sick of FFR for the time being or something you can always try out stepmania at stepmania.com

let me in this is my favorite website to go on becuase it's fun

let me in this is my favorite website to go on becuase it's fun

dis dite sux da only good thing is it has a chat

WAZZUP DDR is cool I like it