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Aloha! We're Back!

It was a terrific trip. We stayed in Kailua-Kona on the western shore of the Big Island of Hawai‘i and roamed around from there, using our rented SUV to great advantage as we explored some less accessible attractions. We're back at work today and somewhat jet-lagged, but I promise you pictures and stories. I can't recommend Hawai‘i highly enough!


Welcome back, and ke aloha n me ka mahalo kua!

Way to send me running to a reference! I pretty much only know place names, but mahalo for the kind greeting, 'olelo papale, kahuna of communication! ;)

Hate to drop my omniscient facade, but I grabbed that off an online "learn Hawaiian" site. The only Hawaiian I actually know is aloha.

But I do like "kahuna of communication." I may have to adopt it as an official title.

That's funny, I learned what it meant from a "learn Hawaiian" site. Have you figured out "'olelo papale" yet?

Now that I'm back home with my reference shelf, I have -- kupaianaha! (But shouldn't it be 'lelo ppale?)

Well, I did use the ‘okina, I just did it with the foot mark ('). Interestingly enough the online Hawaiian/English dictionary that I> referred to did not have macrons over the o and a, which goes to show just how big a problem these marks create for web writers.

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