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Today We'll See What Apple's Up To

Apple, maker of some good computers and my wonderful iPod, is rumored to be launching a new digital music service today at a scheduled press conference. iPodlounge and other sites are reporting lots of detailed predictions: participation from the five major record labels, downloadable tracks for US$0.99 downloadable albums for US$10.00, material burnable to CD, no subscription, Apple users only (oops!) ...

The conference starts at 10:00AM PT/1:00 PM ET. Until then you can read this NY Times article for more information.

UPDATE: New online music store (for Mac users only, for now); new iPods with different button layout (don't like it), docking stations (it's about time), greater capacity (of course), and new internal software version; new software version available for existing Mac-formatted iPods, Windows coming in May (grumble); full Audible.com support for windows-formatted iPods coming soon, perhaps with new software. Par for the Apple course.

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