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Near Me

I've gotten curious lately about who's blogging near me, so I've taken advantage of two opportunities to find out:

First, Matt Haughey has enabled lists of Metafilter users based on their proximity to one another. You can see my list on my MeFi profile.

Second, I've geocoded this site and registered it with GeoURL. Click the button (GeoURL) to see a list of sites near my primary blogging location. I do, however have several locations. My work address in New York City and my home address in New Jersey are the main ones, but they're pretty close together anyway. I also figured out how to find sites near Great Barrington, Massachusetts and Kailua-Kona, Hawai‘i, which are two other places I enjoy spending time at.


I was inspired by your post to add it to my site too.

Damn, your comment box still had my Blogger address. Let's see if this works.

That's better.

We're 39 miles apart. It's hard to believe it's that far! New York City warps space-time.

hey thats neat, but is this for people who run their own server (like the physical location of the server) or for the location of the admin/designer/blogger/human who organises the missives contained therein

In my case it's the author's location. If my site were about a specific place then I might have used that location, and if it was a regional node in a network of servers then I might have used the physical location, but I believe that most personal websites use the coordinates where the content originates.

oh cool, well in that case, we are probably as far apart as ones can get, I am live in Tokyo.

Then we're 10,819km (6723 miles) apart! I checked.

lol, yes.. having the author as the final network NODE. I like that. well I geocoded my networks final node with almost scary precision. and here ya go.

ps, thanks for the link to dis.. given, after installing it I saw more people with it :P but you started it.

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