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Oscar Contest Reminder - Ten Days Left!

The Oscars will be awarded a week from Sunday, so sign up and make your predictions! Tell your friends, everyone's invited!

I attended screenings of nominated documentary "Balseleros" and "My Architect" this week, bringing my total number of nominees seen to a rather paltry seven. How many of the films have you seen?

Update: I saw "Capturing the Friedmans" today (Friday), bringing me to a slightly less paltry eight.


5{ any of the docs, shorts, or foreigns. Have seen all the Best Pic nominations except Seabiscuit (which I'm quite surprised got to the finals). Speaking of foreign-language films, as usual the best didn't get nominated; last night I saw the Russian movie The Return, which is absolutely stunning, one of the best movies of any kind I've seen in the last year. (Warning: it's not a cheerful movie. No sex and only minor violence, though -- just the misery of existence. Hey, it's Russian.)

Huh? How'd that happen? That should read:

I haven't seen any of the...

I couldn't tell you, but I hope it doesn't happen again!

As I understand it each nation can submit only one film for the Best Foreign-Language Film category (despite each nation potentially having multiple national languages); perhaps another Russian film was offered for consideration.

Yes, the problem is that most countries seem to pick their films on some basis other than quality.

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