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Twenty-four hours until the Oscars!

This is your last chance to sign up for the Oscar Contest, or to edit your predictions if you've already signed up. The ballots will close when the Oscar ceremony starts, at 8PM EST.

By the way, I saw "Mystic River" a few days ago, bringing my total to ten of the nominated movies seen. That has to be a personal record, I'm embarassed to say.


The collective wisdom of the Songdog voting public did pretty well vs. the actual winners.

Hey - In your winner list, you have Holly Hunter getting the Supporting Actress award instead of Renee. It doesn't really matter in the standings, though...

Great catch, Kelly! Thank you!

I've corrected the winners, recalculated the scores, and updated the rankings. First and second place remained the same, and four people remained in third. Two users dropped from third place to fourth place, I'm afraid. I apologize to all for the scoring error.

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