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It's A Boy!



Yay! Congratulations!

And he's even sweeter in real life!

well happiest congratulations! brightest blessings, he's beautiful!

happy family to you.

Oh how awesome! Look at those little lips!! Look at that little finger - it looks as if he is pondering something! Congradulations! Don't forget - sleep is OVER RATED!
Hugs & Love,

Cograts you two! You have entered a completely new and exciting realm of responsibilities and blessings! Enjoy!
[tip from a grandfather: parenting never ends - plan accordingly so you can enjoy it.]

Yeay! Yeay! Yeay! Little Allen is so excited to meet his new friend! What a beautiful little boy you have been blessed with. Don't forget: sleep when he sleeps. And treasure every moment. The next thing you know, you'll be planning his first birthday party!

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