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I said a-hip, hop, they don't stop

Hawaii has a frog problem.

Update: That main link is dead so here are a few others to the same or similar stories, lest this post be rendered useless before its time.


I'm unnerved just reading about it.

Frogs are a good thing. Can't have too many of them. In may places they seem to be extincting.

Couldn't follow your link, but I Googled.

Thanks for letting me know my link was dead, John. I've updated the original post with several alternative sources.

I like frogs myself, but as an island ecosystem Hawaii is particularly vulnerable to aggresively competitive alien species which threaten its native animals and plants. There is a long history of Hawaiian lifeforms being endangered and destroyed in this manner. The state bird was all but wiped out by colonists and the plants and animals they brought with them.

The invasion of the coqui frog has won it a spot on the Hawaii Biological Survey's Bad Guys list. Eliminating coqui frogs in Hawaii may help keep some native Hawaiian species from the brink and will apparently pose no immediate threat to the longevity of these frogs as a species.

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