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Deep Impact Tonight

Good luck, Deep Impact. Better luck, at least, than Cosmos-1. Comet Tempel 1 is going to run down the Deep Impact projectile after the comet has set in my sky, and after I'm sound asleep. I look forward to the mornings news with crossed fingers. In the meantime, I may go out and see "War of the Worlds."

Updates (early on 4 July 2005) :

12:10 AM (EDT): I'm still awake after the movie but don't really plan to stay up. I hope that those of you who do get a great show. As for the movie? I agree with A.O. Scott.

12:36 AM: Still awake. Watch live coverage of Deep Impact on NASA TV online!

1:27 AM: Can't believe I'm still awake. Watching NASA TV; there are some very excited looking people at JPL.

1:40 AM: Last engine burn started. This will take 40 seconds. The impact is in twelve minutes.

1:46 AM: Last engine burn finished with an error of only 0.23%. I'm more awake now than I was. Impact in six minutes.

1:52 AM: The flyby craft should start capturing images now.

1:52 AM: 10 seconds to impact!

1:53 AM: Watching for pictures and data.

1:56 AM: The impactor's camera has been sending back images of the ride in to the comet's surface. Pretty thrilling and a little scary. Quote from NASA TV: "I can't believe they're payin' us to have so much fun."

1:58 AM: IMPACT IS CONFIRMED! Quote: "Oh my God lookitthat!" "Oh, yeah!"

1:59 AM: Holy cow, that's a hell of an image!

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