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Shuttle Discovery to Launch

I'm watching NASA TV online. The official clock just reached the scheduled forty-five minute delay at -00:09:00:00. The launch is scheduled for 10:39 AM EDT.

NASA offers an official countdown clock online (which seems only to work in IE) as well as a steady countdown to launch (which also works in Firefox). This latter clock has the scheduled delays factored in, so it keeps ticking through them.

Update, 10:33 AM EDT:The countdown has resumed on schedule, the access arm has retracted from the Shuttle, and they're six minutes away from liftoff.

Update, 10:37 AM EDT: They're retracting the arm/cap from the top of the external tank and telling the crew to close and lock their spacesuit visors. Ninety seconds to go.

Update, 10:39 AM EDT: Ten seconds ...

Update, 10:39 AM EDT: Hurray!

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