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10th Planet Found

Mike Brown of Caltech has announced the discovery of a tenth planet orbiting our sun. The planet, designated 2003 UB313, is thought to be perhaps 50% larger than Pluto and orbits the sun at three times as great a distance in an orbit tilted 45° from the ecliptic plane in which the orbits of the other nine planets lie.

Earier today the discovery of another significant object in our solar system was announced, this one a third as massive and 30% smaller than Pluto. This object, designated 2003 EL61 orbits the sun with a smaller companion in a path almost entirely beyond the orbit of Pluto.

I learned of this evening's announcement when I sat down to the computer after watching my new DVD of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind." It's been an interesting day.


Yes, it must have been a very exciting day indeed for those guys...and for those with backyard telescopes ready to set up.

I wonder who hacked the Palomar website?

(Personally I'd rather be considered a planet than a mere Kuiper Belt object.)

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