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Ready to ride?

Up before dawn to prepare I find it hard at the moment to imagine the hundred kilometer bike ride I've set myself up for today. Wish me luck!

Update (22 Aug., 5:21 PM EDT): With twenty-four hours of perspective I feel pretty good about the ride. It's a very hilly route, one I completed this time last year, but this year it was much more humid and somewhat hotter and that made it feel a lot harder than I expected. I had to make more stops than I would have preferred to and I can't say I felt good very often during the ride but I finished it, and with the extra four miles we tacked on due to a missed (and unmarked) turn this ride became my longest to date at seventy miles.


I would have wished you luck if I'd seen this post before your ride.

But you didn't need it anyway. Congrats!


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