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While peeling ginger tonight prior to grating it I managed to overshoot a bulbous node and plant the peeler rather deeply in the flesh of my left forefinger. Avulsion city. And you're not supposed to curse in front of a small child!


I'm sorry for the wound, but grateful for the word. (I think. Reading the definition actually kind of creeped me out.)

Thanks! I just checked out the definitions and they cover messier wounds than mine. I learned the word in a first aid class a long time ago (in high school?) where it was one of a variety of types of flesh wounds: abrasion, laceration, incision, puncture, avulsion. I'm sure there was an acronym; there always is. I remembered avulsion used to describe injuries where a flap of skin has been gouged out but not fully separated. As an incomplete amputation that may still count as an avulsion, but the definitions seem to focus on the manner of injury as much as the resulting wound. And anyway, yuck. Revulsion is more like it. My finger hurts but it's all still there. Maybe ginger has healing powers!

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