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A Plague o' Both Us Spouses (and our Kid)

My wife has been ill since Sunday night. On Tuesday, she was diagnosed with strep throat. Our son had a runny nose and a related rash since Monday. On Tuesday, he was diagnosed with strep throat. I started feeling crappy Tuesday morning. [Later] on Tuesday, I was diagnosed with strep throat.

Bang. Bang. Bang.

So we all got on antibiotics immediately. My wife had been feeling abjectly miserable for two days so this was an immediate step up for her, though not nearly enough of one. Our son, at twenty-two months, could not tell us what was bothering him but he'd been acting the most like himself of the three of us. I hit rock bottom Tuesday night and have been slowly recovering since then, though both of us adults seem to be suffering from a cold (or something like it) in addition to the strep and have been sick at home ever since.

Now you don't know, because I haven't told you, that a couple of months ago I was in a car accident (not my fault) which did an unpleasant amount of damage to our brand new car. It's all covered by insurance, but it took nearly a month in the shop, divided among three periods of treatment, before the car was back the way we like it. After we got it back we still had to let a decent interval elapse before my wife could stomach taking her old car into the shop to find out what it needed to top off its vim. Rather a lot, she was told, but she bit the bullet and laid down the charge card, because as working parents we feel we'd better keep both cars in good shape.

Why on earth do I bring this up? Because we just got the car back from the shop. They kindly dropped it off for us and my wife pulled it into the driveway where, yesterday morning, our neighbor backed into it from fifteen feet away and bashed the door in. And drove away, leaving us to learn of the incident about twelve hours later from our landlord, the only person it occurred to her to notify. This neighbor is a person who lives eight feet away from us.

Oh, did I tell you yesterday was my wife's birthday? Fortunately she is a hardy individual, and the happy mother of a delightful child, and she still seemed to have a nice day on the whole. I thought I was the bright-sider of the family but I have to say I may have been mistaken.


Aieeee. The story of Job, updated? May all the remaining weeks of 2006 be better than this past one, for all three of you.

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