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The night is angry

Last night at bathtime my son decided to demonstrate his almost two-year-old powers and vent a little rage on me for about a half an hour. It was pretty unpleasant but I think we weathered it just fine. Then I got in the car and drove out to attend a talk. Flipping through channels I came across a weak and unpleasant signal which I felt compelled to listen to for a little while: hate radio.

[I want to be careful with keywords here:] Two men were frothing the old bit about "income t_xes are illegal" (unless you're an immigrant). I have encountered this idea before, but I was surprised by what came next: they don't want to pay taxes...to a bunch of "greedy j_ws." Then they invoked W_co, where U.S. Army troops ("not National Guardsmen, no, real Army troops from Fort Bragg, and other forts!") shot U.S. citizens "some of whom have not yet been released!" (?). The government is "not killing, murdering" us, they say. These guys despise George W. Bush for running an "illegal war", for risking the lives of our sons and daughters serving in the Army (suddenly they care). But what exactly is wrong with this war? It's because we're "fighting for the J_ws!" The More You Know.

Five minutes was about all of this I could take before switching away. I listened to mega-network classic rock radio to flush the bile out of my ears while I spent half an hour parking.

What I am curious about is whether this is a licensed commercial radio station or whether it's a pirate broadcast. I feel very strongly about free speech and as far as I'm concerned these guys have every right to make asses of themselves as long as they're not actively inciting violence, but I'm interested to know who's paying the broadcast bill. Are there local businesses financing this message? So far I've been unsuccessful tracking down any answers, but I'll keep working on it. If anyone has any suggestions (beyond "Google") please send them my way.


Yeah, that's nasty stuff. Better to have it out in the open where we can keep an eye on it and know what these people are up to than force it underground, but it sure isn't fun to read or hear.

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