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Where's my SiRF III logging GPS?

Early last summer I purchased a DeLorme Blue Logger GPS in hope of recording logs of my bike routes which I could then view on maps, process into cue sheets, or analyze for climbing and other fitness data. I was also taken with the idea of using the device with my PDA for navigation purposes. The Blue Logger is a neat product and I'm sure it serves many people well but it has disappointed me in both of my goals.

The main reason in both cases is that the Blue Logger simply isn't good enough at acquiring or holding a fix to produce a steady, useful log. It doesn't help that the bundled Street Atlas USA 2006 Handheld software is quite poor in several key respects, or that my PalmOne Tungsten T5's screen isn't cut out for dashboard use, but really, it's the tracking, stupid.

So it's been a year and I've done some more homework. It sounds like the newer SiRFstarIII GPS chipset is the way to go. It acquires more satellites more quickly, consumes less power, and for some people at least actually gets a decent fix indoors. Sounds great, and the devices that use this chipset are reasonably priced, but why don't any of them do logging? Am I overlooking something? SiRF III can apparently be built into a tiny little SDIO device along with a decent chunk of flash RAM. It has sophisticated computational power available for calculating position and time from the satellite signals. Surely as long as it's on it wouldn't be too much harder to log a trace in the GPS unit itself. The GPS receivers 10 - 17 hours on their own batteries; it makes much more sense to do the logging there than to carry around a second device (PDA or notebook computer) whose batteries will surely die far sooner. And yes, I am pushing the limits of those batteries. I took the BlueLogger with me on some six- and eight-hour bike rides last year (not counting rest stops).

Can anyone point me to a logging SiRF III (or RFMD) device in the sub-$150 range? The BlueLogger's logging capabilities are a good model of what I'd like: configurable logging based on low and high speed motion, configurable cut-off or wrap-around on reaching the memory limit, logging of ~50,000 data points. I'd be happy to sell the BlueLogger and its software to someone who wants it more. The device does have a following and I'm sure it works very well in other regions, but I'd really like something better suited to my purpose.


Logging tracks and waypoints is a function of mapping software which listens to the NMEA string coming from the GPS device. Your GIS (software platform) needs to obtain a lat/lon/alt every so often (30secs, 1min - depending on velocity) and store that locaiton. These points can then be linked temporaly and calculations run for distance, elevation gain, time, speed, etc.

I know, ChuckyB, but the whole point of logging GPS devices is that they don't need a seperate component to handle the GIS work. The BlueLogger and other similar devices configurably store snapshots from the NMEA stream into internal memory, from which it can be downloaded later. Take a look at this review if you want to know more about the BlueLogger in particular. There are several other devices of this sort, but my post is about the trouble I'm having finding one that also has a more modern and sensitive chipset.

Sounds like an AskMeFi question waiting to be born...

Something like this sounds close.

600 tracking datapoints. sounds like enough for a bike ride.

I'm having exactly the same problem Songdog! My little BT-338 from GlobalSat is great, but having an iPaq that dies after two hours is pretty useless! There must be a decent Sirf III logger - I've heard power is the issue, but that seems incredible, especially as bluetooth would often be off while the internal logger was on.

There's another option now, but its Sirf-2 still. NaviGPS makes a little unit that takes SD cards too so log-space is huge. up to 6million points. Only problem is I'm not sure the Sirf 2 chipset is enough for you.

I'm searching for a sirf-III logger too that takes SD and preferably AA or AAA batteries (for treks in, say, africa where batteries are common but correct and working power outlets less so.

I have found this Sirf III logger:


What you think of it ?

I know your woes, i too have been looking for the same thing. I see hundreds of the same comments whilst i search for this holy grail. I seems to me that the industry has not got their finger on the pulse, so many wanting SiRF III, bluetooth, receiver with logging. The technology exists how difficult can it be to update the chipset to SiRF III. The money is just waiting to be spent, which manufacturer will eventually get a grip on the demand and produce.

You should check out my website and the GPS Data Logger that I have made to solve these very problems.

Hi! Have you already found such a GPS? I've been looking for it for some time too, but without any success.

I'm looking for the same thing, and so far, the GL-50BT, or the Qstarz BT-Q1000, or BT-Q1200(solar!) look like possible candidates. (I hear the MTK chipset is good too - is that right?) I'm looking for accuracy, logging capacity (200,000+), and Bluetooth capability.

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