This year's Oscar contest is now over.

We have a tie for first place this year! lkrs1313 and ccbaxter each correctly predicted twenty-one of the twenty-four winners. Congratulations, lkrs1313 and ccbaxter!

In second place with ninenteen correct predictions, is tmusiov.

Third place was a thirteen-way tie (I'm glad I don't have buy medals or trophies!) with eighteen correct predictions made by Fackard, wxdude99, sista77, Kyrierun. tcassutt, sperkins99, sgaspar, saturdaynightfever, kurlysticks, Cabanachat, cinemaniax7, arh, and raehanbobby. Special congratulations to Kyrierun, who won the contest last year, and to cinemaniax7, who has now medaled for three years in a row!

How did you all get so good at this? I've been doing this for years and you've left me in the dust with eleven correct predictions (a score of which I would otherwise be proud). You want to know just how well you did? At my office there were nearly fifty percent more participants and the most successful of these got eighteen correct. Five others got seventeen. There were twenty-nine people in my contest who got seventeen or more!

Congratulations to the winners and to all who played; As always I am blown away by your abilities, and you have once again made this year's Oscar Contest the most successful ever! I hope to see you all again next year!

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