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Saddle Road

Saddle Road
I love the rich sunlight in this photo I took on the Saddle Road on October 5, 2001. We drove up this road to have a look, and so that I could say I'd done it. The road was built in the 1940s by the US Army, primarily for their own use. It's barely more than a one lane road, despite the line down the middle, and the shoulders are ditches that would probably break the axles of a small car. It's a pretty easy drive it you take it slowly, but the locals who know it well come barrelling along on their way between Hilo and Kona, or to and from the observatories on Mauna Kea. My advice: don't be on this road without a four-wheel drive vehicle, and park it on the shoulder when anyone comes along. We're on our way back from Hawaii right now, and we should be landing soon. I'll have driven on this road again by now, and I'll have some new pictures for you soon.


I don't remember seeing this one. What a beautiful shot!

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