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The networking equipment at my office is on a different floor from mine, and it's a good thing, because a leaky battery is rendering that floor toxic. They've shut down the network and evacuated the floor. Since I couldn't stay online from my desk, I've temporarily relocated to lovely nearby Bryant Park. I'm sitting in my favorite area over by the carousel. There are more kids today than I usually see (really cute kids, too), and instead of Edith Piaf they're playing a recording of traditional carousel fare: mechanized merry-go-round reeds and bells playing polkas and marches.

This ain't so bad. Thanks, leaky battery! I do hope everybody is ok, though ...


Damn, I was just four blocks away buying a falafel sandwich from Moishe's cart (best in town -- 46th and Sixth!); if I'd known, I would have stopped by and said howdy!

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