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Aortal: nyc bloggers

I'm long overdue for another Aortal link, so here we go:

A new New York institution, nyc bloggers provides a collection of weblogs united by their realspace blogging locations in New York City. All of the sites must be non-commercial, and they're organized by -- get this -- subway stop. Now, that's New York!

nyc bloggers map

Although nyc bloggers is not a ring, and though they don't require it, I'm putting their logo in my Rings section -- that seems to be the best place. My place? The Bryant Park stop on the F train, of course.

I discovered nyc bloggers through Leslie, who sent me the link. Steve too, I think. Thanks, Leslie and Steve!

Sadly, my previous Aortal link, Rebeca Delgado's wonderful weblog, is no more. Rebeca has suspended this site indefinitely to focus on other things. She has been regularly updating her knitting site, fluffa!, as well as her main page at mybluehouse, though, so watch those spaces. And a belated thanks, Rebeca, for making Songdog.net your own Aortal link! I am honored :)


Every good blog deserves a link. Yours was well-deserved :-)

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