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Preliminary Leonid Report

No meteors yet.

I went out at 11:00 EST (4:00AM UT Nov. 19) and took a look from my northern NJ street. At first I could only see the brightest stars, with a brilliant moon and a few fast-moving wisps of low clouds. After a minute or two I was able to see Lamba Orionis (mag 3.4) and I'd estimate my limiting magnitude to be around 4 in that part of the sky.

I was looking lower to the east, however, which although farther from the moon's glare is badly affected by New York City's. Procyon (mag 0.4) was the only star visible down there, and it would take one heck of a bright meteor to shine through.

Provided the skies are still clear things should be better for both northern New Jersey and NYC residents as Leo rises up into the southeastern sky, and the moon moves to the west. I'll be getting up at 4:00 AM and neighbors will see me stalking down the street, shuffling through acorns and fallen leaves as I crane my neck for Leonids.

Best of luck to all of you!


We managed to get ourselves out to Astoria Park a bit after five this morning and got to see a few streakers--maybe 20 in the course of a pre-dawn hour. Not exactly the spectacle of the century numbers-wise, but fun anyway. Hope you got more of a show out there in the burbs. b.

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