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Leonids or ...

Bust. I got up at 4:00 AM (EST)--most unlike me--and went outside to try again. Procyon had risen out of the New York City glare, Sirius was bright as ever, and Jupiter was brilliant, but that was about it. A high hazy cloud layer was coming in. I could see the bright stars of Orion and had moments where I could see down to fourth magnitude, but it was just too cloudy, and got worse while I was watching. I gazed over the roofs at Leo for ten or fifteen minutes and didn't see a single meteor. The full moon was socked in behind the haze when I went back inside.

I had good intentions of trying again at 5:20 but didn't make it, so I can't report whether it was cloudy or not. I see from one comment that others had better luck from Queens, and I hope that all of my readers had better luck than I did this year. Oh well, last year was good, and I'll remember that :)

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