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Strange Hit From Ask Jeeves

Search hits are weird. I just got the strangest one yesterday from Ask Jeeves UK: "what do you type in for sims deluxe edition to get no sensors". My best guess is that someone is referring to the "censoring" (via pixellation) of moments of nudity in the game, The Sims. For no good reason I'm at the top of list of results.

This won't help: Yes Virginia, although I haven't tried them there are patches that remove the pixellation. I am given to understand, though, that underneath the Sims are anatomically incorrect, à la Barbie. The Maxis programmers evidently didn't bother rendering details they were going to blur out anyway. However, other creative folks have crafted alternate Sims skins, sans clothing. I'm sure you can find this stuff online if you want to. Just not here.

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