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This Blog's First Birthday!

One year ago I launched this weblog at Songdog.net with this post. I like to think the site improved from there, and I'd like to take this opportunity to draw your attention to some of my favorite items, things I feel are highlights of the first year, in case you missed 'em or want to go back and have another look:

Funniest Appropriated News Image: It's a tie between Robot Journalist and The Ants Go Marching

Coolest Public Domain Images: Earth From Space 1, 2, 3, and 4

Best Travel Advice: When In Maui, Borrow A Dog

Best Solar Weather Post: Look At That Heliosphere!

Most Interesting Comments Thread: The Terrifica Thread

Best Animal Politician Coverage: Tie between Percy (1, 2) and Clay Henry III

Best Court Coverage: United States v. Lucite ball Containing Lunar Material

Best Reference: Tie between melodies and adverbs

Best Oughta-be-a Band Name: Urgent Overture

Worst Fear: The Fear of Being Overheard While Talking in Restaurants (Am I really alone in this? It would appear so.)

Most Successful Unpaid Advertisement: The Construction Site (I still haven't been to the physical store, but I'm responsible for at least one new customer).

Best Celebrity Spotting: A Favorite Frog

Best Animal Flash Toy: The Rabbit

Worst Spam Development: tie between RNC spam and referrer log spam

Best Spam Development: unquestionably spamradio

Weirdest Spam: another tie, between time and mucus

Favorite Old Favorite: The Dialectizer

Comments Thread That Just Won't Die: The Vanilla Coke Thread

Best Addition To The Site: The Photoblog!

I hope that you have been enjoying this site as much as I've been enjoying producing it. I welcome your comments and suggestions, and hope to just keep making things better!

Happy Birthday, Blog!


Happy birthday, bon anniversaire, and many happy returns! (And I added a comment to keep the Vanilla Coke thread going...)

Happy Birthday, Songdog!


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