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Get Out and Vote!

You may or may not vote for the candidates I wish you'd vote for, but please, please do your part and vote. Voting is one of the clearest ways we can communicate to the political community. How we vote determines where and how they'll focus their attention between now and the next election. It reveals the distribution of idealogy in our society. It assigns power of governance to the candidates who most closely represent the viewpoints of their constituents. And most important of all this year it takes this power away from those who have betrayed their constituents, those who are ill suited for office, those who are not fit representatives of the people who chose them. It is far better to make your voice heard by voting than to stay home and cast your silent voice with the masses of the disaffected, the ignorant, the lazy, and the foolish. A vote for the best candidate, or at least against the worst: either of these is a meaningful addition to any mandate our government will have in the coming years. Please vote, and let the country know where you stand.


Excellent words

Well, I did go out and vote, but there was also a list of candidates for judicial races, and I didn't know a single one of them, so I didn't vote for any of them. Does it really matter voting for the county sheriff, unless one of them is really really terrible?

And for state senate, there was only one candidate to vote for, so what's the point of going to vote for the state senate position when there's only one guy to vote for (what was that joke about Sadaam Hussein's presidental election)?

I understand that this presidental election is a very important one because the impact of presidental policy is so incredibly clear; but in many previous elections, the impetus to vote was just not there.

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